Longitud: 48.00 metros (157 '6 ")

Viga: 8,70 metros (28 '7 ")

Calado: 2,60 metros (8 '6 ")

Número de tripulantes: 9

Construido: 2019

Bandera: croacia

Construcción del casco: Acero.

Configuración del casco: Desplazamiento.

Aire acondicionado, Terraza Jacuzzi, Conexión WiFi a bordo.



Motores: 2 x John Deere 317kw / 425 HP

2 x John Deere 64 kW, 1 x Cummins Onan 27 kW

Velocidad de crucero: 12

Consumo de combustible: 100 litros / hora



Número de cabinas: 6

Configuración de la cabinas: 4 dobles, 2 dobles

Configuración de la camas: 2 King, 2 Queen, 4 Single

Número de invitados: 12



Auxiliares juguetes: 1 Auxiliar- Tiger Marine 5,5m y Yamaha

100 HP

Jet ski, esquí acuático para adultos y niños, SUP board x 2,

Kayak x 2 (una plaza), equipo de snorkeling,

Equipo de pesca

La tarifa de alquiler de CORSARIO incluye: IVA croata del 13%, combustible para 4 h de trabajo diario del motor, combustible para generador 24/7, combustible para el auxiliar (para transferencias y deportes de agua)

Magnífico yate de lujo de nueva construcción. CORSARIO está listo para la temporada de chárter 2019. Este espectacular yate de 48 m de largo y 8,7 m de ancho ofrece Alojamiento para hasta 12 personas en 6 camas dobles, lujosas cabinas en suite.

Name Corsario (Spanish word for "Pirate") was chosen to remind that your holiday is more than number of days available to be spent in another destination, that your senses strive for more than “That was lovely”. From the first line drown on the paper, Corsario was a concept; compilation of goals, strategies and measures for implementing a larger and therefore strategically planned project. So, Corsario had to implement: elegance, luxury, impeccable service, quality of materials, design, atmosphere, amenities, water toys, audio system, jacuzzi, sunbathing area, main deck, sun deck (well, all that any yacht of that level has) and finally – fun.

Because fun is what it’s all about. Enjoying, chilling, soaking up the sun while sailing along Adriatic coast is lovely. Having fun at the same time makes all the difference. As truth Pirate – Corsario is here to provide feeling of being entitled to take the most of what the opportunity allows. Combination of exterior inspired by a traditional tall ship and modern, elegant interior are designed to provide luxury, elegance and above all precious momentsMain idea of the creators /owners of SY CORSARIO is; time is precious. There are many ways to spend time but sailing on CORSARIO is one way to save it.

Modern and elegant interior lines, beautiful cabins, comfortable spaces on decks and numerous amenities are perfect setting for extraordinary gourmet experience onboard and attention of highly professional and welcoming crew with incomparable knowledge of the area.


 From September 29 June 9 - 30 / September 1 – 29 June 30 - September 1
list price 60.000€

list price 69.000€

list price 79.000€

 APA 20% of Charter Fee (Advance Provisioning Allowance)

Let's keep in mind: Charter Fee on SY CORSARIO  includes:
  • fuel for 4 h engine work daily
  • fuel for generator 24/7
  • fuel for tender (for transfers and water sports)
  • VAT of 13%


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